Sunday, 26 October 2008

Happenings in Brief

Admiral Marina, Port Dickson. Malaysia
Contact Marina Office VHF14

October 26th, 2008; Envy has arrived at Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, after a very difficult passage from Pisang to the Water Islands taking over 20 hours to do a 70 nm passage, finally dropping anchor, wet and tired at 11.30pm. We had gale force head winds gusting over 40kt and a very short sharp 2 to 3 mtr swell with surf breaking on top.

Nothing life threatening, but very, very exhausting and uncomfortable.

And you guessed it, the weather forecast was for a benign 5 kts.

Our misery was further exacerbated through a hatch being left open half an inch through which buckets of sea water poured in. Bugger !!!

Admiral Marina at Port Dickson

We were invited by the Port Dickson Hotels Association and the Ports Authority to celebrate with them 'Deepa Valli' in a Village just outside Port Dickson. 'Deepa Valli' in brief is the Hindu 'Coming of the Light' their annual festival, like our Christmas.

Welcome Dance

We were collected in an air conditioned bus and shared with us local food, a couple of short speeches and some dancing, we were then shown through a couple of homes. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, a delightful afternoon.

Some 'Cruisers' joining the dancing

Colourful local children